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Funnel builder and checkout optimizer for WordPress and WooCommerce to sell more faster

Sales Funnel

Order Bump

Upsell & Downsell

Dynamic Discount

Smart Coupon

Checkout Notice

Variation Swatch

Checkout Builder

Fast Checkout

Opt-In Forms

Enhanced checkout forms

Build beautiful and fast checkout forms

Time to upgrade WooCommerce’s inflexible, lengthy and confusing checkout experience. Build smart, engaging and converting checkouts.

Customize checkout forms

Customize the design of your checkout forms or quickly choose from beautiful premade checkout templates.

One-click checkout

Make a one-click checkout experience without asking the buyer to enter shipping and billing details.

Automatic address lookup

Make address submission faster and more accurate by address auto-complete (powered by Google API).

Editable form fields

Add, order and reorder your checkout form fields based on your business needs and customers’ ease.

Instant form validation

Remove the friction and fasten the checkout process with Inline form validation.

Auto-apply coupons

Automatically apply conditional discounts to the checkout form based on the cart details and shopping history.

Sales funnel

Build smart
sales funnels.
Better sales.
Better offers.

Multiply profits by driving your visitors through engaging sales funnels. Use professional templates or build your own funnel on an intuitive canvas.

Create sales funnels with point and click

Visually create sales funnels on an intuitive canvas. Add, remove and manage the steps with zero coding or choose from premade funnel templates for a variety of business types.

Boost order value
with one-click order bumps

Display order bumps anywhere in the checkout form and apply personalized discounts based on the dozens of conditions.

Bigger sales with
smart upsells & downsells

Boost order value even further with personalized one-click upsell and downsell offers during checkout.

Smart promotions

Grab eyeballs. Drive loyalty.

No more one-size-fits-all WooCommerce promotions! Offer customers highly personalized deals, coupons and offers across the checkout pages.

Smart coupons

Build a better relationship and increase repeat purchases with personalized discount coupons based on shopping history and loyalty.

Dynamic discounts

Impress buyers with automatic discounts based on site activity, shopping details, location and more.

Smart checkout notices

Prevent cart abandonment and increase orders with personalized offers across your cart and checkout pages.

Recover lost customers

Zero cart abandonment

All the tools you need to reduce card abandonments and turn them into profits in one place.

Effective lead-generation and opt-in forms

Collect email opt-ins and other key information you need to prevent bounce and start a lasting relationship.

Sign up with checkbox

Increase the number of your leads by simplifying the registration process.

Cart notices

Create FOMO by offering incentives to your customers for a quick checkout.

Pre-filled forms for abandoned users

Make it even easier for customers who come back to complete the checkout.

Time-saver templates

funnel templates

Save time and effort by choosing from dozens of beautifully made landing pages, checkout forms, upsells and downsells and order confirmation pages.

Landing page
Landing page
Landing page
Landing page
Landing page
Order recieved (thank you)
Order recieved (thank you)
Order recieved (thank you)

More WooCommerce

Easier filtering with
variation swatches

Make a better shopping experience. Show product variations with images, colors, buttons and more.

RFM segmentation

Use recency, frequency, and monetary values to target customers based on loyalty with the right promotion.

checkout optimizer for WordPress & WooCommerce - SellKit

In-depth analytics

Keep track of your conversion rate and revenue performance for each campaign.

Built for mobile

Over 40% of customers use smartphones. Sellkit is built to look great on those devices.

Google and Facebook integration

Easily connect Sellkit to Google analytics and Meta pixels for more insightfull analytics.

Save $900 annually

One tool instead of dozen

Checkout optimizer, sales funnel builder, automated discounts, personalized coupons, product filters & swatches, checkout alerts and more.
All in one powerful package.

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