Boost WooCommerce Promotions
With Smart Coupons

Build a better relationship with customers and drive loyalty with smart coupons based on the shopping behavior in WooCommerce.

Smart Coupons in WooCommerce - SellKit

All you need to build and customize smart coupons

SellKit’s powerful Personalized Coupon widget allows you to build and customize its every element including:

Container Box
Coupon Box
Call to Action
Background image
Expiration Date

Define display placement (Bar, Popup, Email, In-page)

Create smart coupons for specific products or categories

Define the discount type (percentage, fixed cart, fixed discount)

Define if multiple coupons can be used in conjuntion

Define the priority coupon when customer is eligible for multiple coupons

Define a minimum cart subtotal to be eligible for a coupon

Define coupon usage limit

Limit the coupon only to on-sale items

Make your coupon public or private

Define when the coupon should expire

Personalize your coupons based on 30+ conditions

Boost engagement with your promotions by making them look special to your customer. Personalize your coupon based on their shopping detail, history, in-site activity and more.

Cart Details

Cart Categories

Cart Items

Cart Items Quantity

Cart Subtotal

Cart Tags



Order Details

Total Orders Count

First order Date

Last Order Date

Purchased Categories

Purchased Prodcuts

Source Details (Domain, UTM)

UM Campaign

UM Content

UTM Medium

UM Source

UTM Term

URL Query String Key

Website Activity

Time Deadline

Total Spent

Viewed Categories

Viewed Products

Signup Date

Day of the Week

Whitin Date Range

Whitin Time Period

Personal Attributes

Browser Language

User Device

User Role

User Type

Locational Details

Past Order Billing City

Past Order Billing Country

Past Order Shipping City

Past Order Shipping Country

Shipping City on Checkout

Shipping Country on Checkout

Billing City on Checkout

Billing Country on Checkout

Visitor City & Region

Visitor Country

Target customers based on their engagement and loyalty

Use RFM segmentation to group your customers based on their recency, frequency, and monetary records
and target them accordingly with the right coupon.

Define custom coupons based on geolocation

With SellKit’s advanced geolocational segmentation you can generate coupons based on your customer’s location.

Measure your coupon’s performance with actionable insights and analytics

Assess the success of your promotion with relevant metrics and insightful charts
within a timeframe and measrue the growth.

1 tool instead of dozen! Save $800/year

Checkout optimization, sales funnels, dynamic discounts,
smart coupons, product filters & swatches, checkout alerts and more.
All in one powerful package.

Grand Total: ≈ $1000 / year

> $199