Boost WooCommerce engagement and sales and grow your e-commerce business

Boost revenue with irresistible sales funnels
Increase every order value with 1-click order bumps and upsells
Increase engagement with advanced targeting & personalized promotions
E-commerce Business - SellKit

Transform generic checkout pages into engaging sales opportunities

Don’t settle for a boring checkout page when it could be fun and informative! Add customer testimonials, reviews and statistics alongside the checkout form to encourage your visitors to buy—and come back for more!

Visually customize the checkout templates to your liking with Elementor

Add and order checkout forms fields and include your own custom fields.

Create different checkout processes for different products

Save time by using beautiful readymade designs for cart, checkout, upsells and thank you page

Optimize checkout pages for mobile without a single line of coding

Fast checkout = Faster sales!

Simplified checkouts reduce cart abandonment rate by 18%.

Let SellKit remove checkout friction with simple and fast checkout forms.

Offer express checkout for super fast checkouts

Auto-populated form fields such as address, state, and more!

Let customers skip the cart page for quicker checkout

Simplify sign up process with just a checkbox

Use the sticky order summary​ feature to give the customer easy access to their cart content while scrolling in the page

Save your customer’s time with inline form validation instead of whole-form validation

Maximize each order's potential
with the right order bump suggestions

Boost sales during checkout with smart order bump suggestions. 
Set rule-based offers you define yourself from hundreds of possible combinations.

Boost engagement with dynamic discounts
at checkout

Make checkout more personal with conditional discounts.

Set and automate personalized discounts based on a customer’s shopping behavior, history, location, referring website and more! 

The SellKit plugin was made to optimize your WooCommerce checkout process, and is perfect for store owners experiencing high abandon cart rates.

SellKit promises a new and Improved WooCommerce Checkout. You’ll generate more sales than you may have thought possible.

If you want a better shop  experience, higher engagement and more sales in WooCommerce, try SellKit. It will take your store to the next level!

Use one-click upsells and smart sales funnels to
boost sales up to 300%

Transform visitors into loyal customers with easy-to-navigate sales funnels filled with unbeatable upsell/downsell offers
 and keep them coming back for more!

Visually create your own sales funnels using Elementor or choose from ready-made funnel templates tailored for a variety of niches.

Assess the performance of your funnels using relevant metrics and insightful charts.

SellKit sales funnels are highly-optimized for mobile, from sales pages to forms to upsells.

Over 64% of online consumers look for promotions to make a purchase.
Over 64% of online consumers look for promotions to make a purchase.

Beat the competition with smart coupons

SellKit helps you track and analyze customer behavior so you can generate and distribute smart coupons via your website and emails, increasing customer loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases.

Send the right message with effective notices at checkout

Communicate with your customers at every step of the sales process using personalized messages. Increase order value and encourage repeat orders by triggering cognitive biases such as loss aversion, FOMO and more. Trigger notices in the Cart, Checkout, Catalog and product pages using smart conditions.

Choose from a variety of conditions to trigger the notice.

Retain and nurture your customers with RFM segment Analysis

Promote with FOMO

Encourage with exclusivity

Offer hyperbolic discounts

Trigger loss aversion

Cross-sell more items

Build smart promotions using RFM segmentation

SellKit’s advanced RFM analysis and segmentation technology lets you customize everything from prices to discounts and notices and deploy marketing campaigns personalized for each distinct user type.


Turn your Thank You page into an effective sales page

Customize the thank you page with items that matter to your customer such as
social proof and related upselling products to trigger more sales.

Battle cart abandonment the smart way

Simplified checkouts can reduce cart abandonment rates by 18%
but there is more SellKit can do to fight cart abandonment.

Define checkout expiration period to force customers to finish checkout within a specific timeframe.

Capture customer email with opt-in funnel steps to prevent cart abandonment.

Pre-populate the checkout form and facilitate conversion for returning cart abandoners.

Create a mobile-optimized e-commerce business in a breeze

SellKit offers mobile-ready templates with multi/single step forms and one-click payment for various niches to help you build your e-commerce business in the blink of an eye.

Templates for sales, checkout, thank you, upsell & downsell and more

Made for Elementor

Visual customization without code

One-click import

Track your e-commerce business
with eye-opening analytics reports

Get in-depth performance reports analyzing everything from sales funnels to notices

Boost your marketing performance by tracking important marketing metrics such as bounce rate, revenue, conversion rate, visits, average order value and more.

Take advantage of visual comparative charts to better understand growth.

Integrate your store with Google Analytics & Facebook Pixel effortlessly

Connect SellKit to Goole Analytics to measure e-commerce marketing based on specific events occurred in your store. You can also display store events on Facebook to widen your advertising reach and deploy retargeting ads to boost sales.

Grow your e-commerce business with just one tool and save big!

Save $

Harness one tool with the capacity of a dozen to craft the perfect e-commerce store and save both time and money.

Checkout Builder
Funnel builder
One-click order bump
Upsell & downsell
In-depth analytics
& Coupons
Grand total
≈ $299/yr
≈ $60/yr
≈ $900/yr
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