Looking for a CartFlows alternative?

A better funnel builder + checkout optimizer, smart notices, personalized coupons, order bumps and upsells. All for incredibly competitive pricing!

Cartflows Alternative

No Segmentation

No Coupons

Generic Discounts

No Checkout Notices

Defult Product Filtering

No Visual Variations

$299/yr - 30 sites

Advanced Segmentation

Personalized Coupons

Automated Conditional Discount

Smart Checkout Notices

Advanced Product Filters

Pro Attribute Swatches

$199/yr - Unlimited Sites

Your funnels suffer friction

Make your checkout process super fast

If your checkout process is slow, even with the most tempting upsell offers, your customers will abandon their cart. use SellKit fast checkout superpowers to make super fast checkouts.

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Sticky Order Summary​

Generic sales funnels are dumb

Smart funnels have deep segmentation

Conditionalize your order bumps and upsells based on 30+ factors and skyrocket their effectiveness.

Cart Details

In-Site Behavior

Order Details

Geolocational Details

Personal Details

Referral Details (Domain, UTM)

Use the power of RFM segmentation based on their engagement and loyalty to your business and target them accordingly with the right offer.

Nobody cares about your coupons

Drive loyalty with personalized coupons

Generate personalized coupon codes alongside sales funnels based on user shopping behavior to increase sales and drive loyalty.

Create personalized coupons for specific products or categories

Define where to show the popup (Bar, Popup, Email, In-page)

Fully customize the coupon appearance

Create public or private coupons with expiration date and minimum subtotal

Personalize based on 30+ cconditions including RFM parameters

WooFunnels Alternative

Your generic discounts are disengaging

Automated discount is a touch of magic!

Set conditional discounts for your products based on customer shopping behavior to be applied automatically at checkout and increase conversion.

Personalize based on cart details, referral source, purchased & viewed items and more

Define priority when multiple discounts are applicable

Geolocational automated discount

RFM segmentation

Measure coupons effectiveness with advanced analytics

Your funnels are easily abandoned

Show engaging notices during checkout

Increase conversion probability and boost average order value by showing tempting offers such as FOMO (fear of missing out), loss aversion and hyperbolic discounting in last steps of checkout.

Offer Hyperbolic Discounts

Promote with FOMO

Encourage with Exclusivity

Trigger Loss Aversion

But that’s not all your CartFlows funnels are missing to keep your customer engaged until they place the order!

Define checkout expiration period

Pre-filled forms for returning cart abandoners

Sign-up with a checkbox

* How does SellKit compare to CartFlows?

As a CartFlows alternative, SellKit provides a much more diverse range of features not only for funnel building but many other tools to maximize engagement and order value in your WooCommerce store.

Annual Price

Lifetime License

Number of Sites

Sales Funnels
Personalized Downsell

Personalized Upsell

Personalized Order Bump

Sales Funnel Analytics

Checkout Customization
Visually Customize Checkout Pages
Add/Remove/Reorder Form Fields
Custom Form Fields
Readymade Checkout Templates
Thank You page Customization
Checkout Optimization
Express Checkout
Inline Form Validation
Checkout Auto-Apply Coupon
Autocomplete Address by Google API
Auto-Populate State & City by Postcode
Automatic Login Lookup
Sign Up with A Checkbox
Pre-filled Form for Cart Abandoners
Skip Cart
Sticky Order Summary​
Checkout Expiration
Personalized Promotions
Automated Discounts on Checkout

✔️ Automatic discounts on checkout based on dozens of conditions for selected products and categories. 

Golocational Discount
Personalized Coupons

✔️ Generate and display on any page including thank you page for improving repeated purchases.

Smart Checkout Notices

✔️ Display smart notices based on 32 customer attributes.

Advanced Condtioning for Promotions
RFM Segmentation for Promotions
Advanced Analytics for Promotions
Dynamic Keywords

✔️ Versatile dynamic keywords to be used site-wide to help personalize your website for visitors

Other Features
Product Filters
Product Attribute Swatches
Cartflows Alternative




30+ Conditions

30+ Conditions

30+ Conditions

Advanced metrics with comparison graphs in different date ranges

Advanced Order Details & Cart Details widgets with dynamic keywords

Multiple coupons supported




Limited without personalization

Limited without personalization

Limited without personalization



One coupon supported

* This software comparison was last updated on 31st of March 2022. If you have any suggested changes or notes, please email them to us.

Enjoy optimizing unlimited number of websites

With SellKit you are not limited to only 30 websites with your license. Pay for SellKit once and use your subscription in unlimited number of website.

Most of CartFlows Pro features are available in SellKit Free!

CartFlows charges you $299 for below features,
that you can use in SellKit Free without spending a penny.

Unlimited sales funnels

Checkout forms

Custom thank you page

One-click order bump

One-click upsell & downsell

Ready to use funnel templates

Pro > $299 / year

Free > $0

Not just a CartFlows alternative!
SellKit replaces $1000 worth of tools every year

Checkout optimization, sales funnels, automated discounts,personalized coupons, filters & swatches, checkout notices and more.All in one powerful package.

CartFlows alternative

Grand Total: ≈ $1000 / year

> $199