Boost WooCommerce promotions with smart discounts, coupons and notices

No more one-size-fits-all WooCommerce promotions! Offer customers highly personalized deals, coupons and offers based on shopping behavior and demographic data.

WooCommerce Promotions - Personalization

Treat eligible customers with personalized discount coupons

Overcome hesitation and competition with a winning hand. Build a better relationship with your customers and increase repeat purchases with smart coupons based on your customer’s shopping behavior.

Boost conversion possibility with dynamic discounts in checkout

Personalize the shopping experience with conditional discounts applied automatically during checkout. Define your own rules and apply discounts based on the customer’s shopping details.

Display smart notices based on customer behavior

Show personalized messages to the customer in cart, checkout, catalog, product single and order confirmation pages to effectively increase the chances of more orders.

Retain and nurture your customers with RFM segment Analysis

Promote with FOMO

Encourage with exclusivity

Offer hyperbolic discounts

Trigger loss aversion

Cross-sell more items

Visually build and customize the notices

Define the priority when showing multiple of notices in a page

Make rule-based offers based on dozens of rule combinations

Further personalize the message with dynamic keywords (name, date, location, order details,...)

Choose from a variety of conditions to personalize WooCommerce promotions (coupons, discounts and notices)

Use advanced segmentation to personalize the final price, discount coupons and notices during checkout based on customer geolocation, referring website, shopping behavior and many other attributes. Use the power of Sellkit RFM segment Analysis to group your customers into distinct cohorts.

RFM segments



Potential Loyalist

New Customers


Customers Needing Attention

About To Slip

Cannot Lose Them

Hibernating customers

Lost customers

Cart Details

Cart Details

Cart Items Quantity

Cart Categories

Cart Subtotal

Cart tags



Referral Details

UTM campaign

UTM Content

UTM Medium

UTM Source

UTM term

URL Query String Key

Order Details

First order Date

Last Order Date

Purchased Prodcuts

Purchased Categories

Total Orders Count

Total Spent

Personal Details

Sign Up Date

Day of the Week

Within Date Range

Within Time Period

User Device

User Role

Login Status

User Type

Browser language

Geolocational Details

Past Order Billing City

Past Order Billing Country

Past Order Shipping City

Past Shipping Country

Visitor Country

Viewed City & Region

Shipping City on Checkout

Shipping Country on Checkout

Billing City on Checkout

Billing Country on Checkout

In-Site Behavior

Viewed Categories

Viewed Products

Define custom discounts and coupons for different locations

With SellKit’s advanced geolocational segmentation you can now apply dynamic discounts based on a visitor’s geolocation. You can also generate coupons or display smart notices based on specific locations.

Measure your WooCommerce promotion’s success with actionable insights and analytics

Assess the performance of your promotions using relevant metrics and insightful charts within any chosen timeframe.